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If you buy unlock code on eBay and demand a seller to email you the unlock code; both you and the seller are in violation of eBay digital item policy. Therefore, to avoid violating eBay digital item policy, we suggest that you purchase directly at this website. Our website is fully automated so you receive the unlock code much faster. We accept Credit Card or Paypal as form of payment for your utmost security

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  • For HTC model: Click Here to check for Unlock Code availability first (except AT&T HTC).
  • Select a "Unlocking Service".
  • Enter the IMEI number. This should contain 15 digits. Number ONLY. No Space. No character.
  • Enter the Country, Network, Brand as required.
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    Enter the 15 digits IMEI number (omit the last 2 digits if phone have 17 digits). To get correct IMEI number, type *#06# on the phone (NEVER get the IMEI on the box nor on the phone behind battery sticker).

    For MSL/SPC Code: Enter the 15 digits MEID (dec) number (omit the first 3 digits 268).
    Contact Telephone No.: Fraud Prevention: We may contact you for verification before your order can be process. Your order may be cancel if you enter the wrong telephone number.
    Respond Email: Enter your email address. We will email the unlock code to this email. You may also use our IMEI search box at upper right corner for your unlock code.
    Confirm Email: To verify and confirm your email is correct, re-enter your email address.
    Additional Notes: If you want us to pay special attention to this IMEI, enter special instructions here. Keep in mind that our system is automated; we may or may not receive this message.
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    Additional Service Informations

    30-May-2014 - Samsung major delay warning

    Dear Member:

    Be aware that all Samsung is having delay; this including Samsung USA, Samsung Canada and Samsung Europe.

    Temporary turnaround as follow:
    Samsung Instant from 1-90 minutes to 1-12hrs
    Samsung Express from 1-9hrs or 1-12hrs to 1-24hrs.
    Samsung Overnight from 24-72hrs to 1-5 days.

    Supplier do not offer cancellation because of delay. So please do not submit new order unless you agree to new temporary turnaround.

    Unlocking Dept.

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