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If you buy unlock code on eBay and demand a seller to email you the unlock code; both you and the seller are in violation of eBay digital item policy. Therefore, to avoid violating eBay digital item policy, we suggest that you purchase directly at this website. Our website is fully automated so you receive the unlock code much faster. We accept Credit Card or Paypal as form of payment for your utmost security

Service check for HTC mobile phones

For Unlock Code availability:  Enter ONLY 15 digits IMEI in the box and click Check.  If your IMEI have 17 digits, omit the last two digits. 

Example: 358279.01.736596.4/01, you need to enter 358279017365964 in the box to check.  After checked; click the cheapest Buy Now tool on the list.


This tool allows you to check for HTC Unlock Code.  Our system will show you the cheapest price first (Old Record, New Record, and SuperNew Record). 


For example:  If you submit a G1 IMEI, our system will check the Old Record first, follow by New Record, then SuperNew Record.  If the unlock code is available in Old Record, our system will show you this cheapest tool first.  If the unlock code is NOT available in Old Record, then our system will continue to check in New Record, then follow by SuperNew Record.  So, check with confident, we guarantee the lowest price first.



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