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If you buy unlock code on eBay and demand a seller to email you the unlock code; both you and the seller are in violation of eBay digital item policy. Therefore, to avoid violating eBay digital item policy, we suggest that you purchase directly at this website. Our website is fully automated so you receive the unlock code much faster. We accept Credit Card or Paypal as form of payment for your utmost security

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356378042120816NOT FOUNDv_ghlontiREFUND FOR CODE NOT FOUND22-Jul-2012 
Kindly enter the IMEI in the search box on the left  and click "Search" to check the status of the unlock code.  When the unlock code become available, it will appear above. 


For unlocking instructions, click "UNLOCK INSTRUCTIONS" above and select the appropriate phone brand.  This system is for your convenience.  Due to eBay digital item policies, we must mailing you a copy of the unlock code with instructional manual via United States Postal Services.  


If this is the first time you buying an unlock code.  Please read this and understand the unlocking instruction thoroughly before you starting to unlock.  Sometime, there are more than one unlock code for your IMEI. When you enter the unlock code and it said “Code Error” (one “Code Error” for each unlock code). STOP, do not enter anymore; contact us for further instruction.  If during your unlocking process and it said “Code Accepted” or “Disabled”, that mean your phone is now unlocked.


Code Accepted: If the unlock code work, please send us an email to verify your physical mailing address and we will send it out immediately.


Code Error:  Tell us what happen and we will recheck the unlock code and inform you the new status.


NOT FOUND:  Unfortunately not all IMEI will have unlock code.  Therefore, we will process a full refund to your original form of payment either thru PayPal or Credit Card.  The refund will be process within 72 hours.  If you did not receives your refund within 72 hours, kindly reply from this email and we will take immediate action.

Keep in mind that if you purchase a Networks code and it NOT FOUND.  You may consider repurchase a Factory Codes.  Factory Codes usually have the best result.  You may purchase the Factory Codes at our website.

Thank you

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